Smart PC

Smart PC 6.2

Keep your computer clean and optimized and protect your privacy

After some time of use, our PC gets filled with incorrect registry entries, fragments of uninstalled programs, useless cookies and other internet files, and so on. All this burden makes our system work slower or even freeze at times. Thus, a program that can help us to fix all these problems is always welcome. SmartPC is such a program. It features different functions that allows us to maintain our system in its mint state. The program's graphic interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Also, the program features a wizard that guides us step by step through the most common optimization tasks, such as fixing registry errors, deleting incomplete or useless files, removing programs from Windows' startup, and even making some modifications or "tweaks" to our system's advanced settings.

The trial version features a "nag screen" at startup. Also, you can't fix the errors detected during the trial. To get rid of these limitations, you need to purchase the full version. It should also be noted that the differences between the current version and previous releases are far from being apparent.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Useful
  • Many functions


  • The trial version does not fix anything
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